What is God Trying to Tell Me?

I have had two jobs that I really wanted that never came to fruition: jingle producer and developer at Oak Ridge National Lab. I came very close to both. I did have a mickey-mouse recording studio during the late 80s and produced a few local jingles. However, I lost money on it and had almost no money coming into it. I had a contracting company that was bidding on a contract with Oak Ridge. The contracting company had me sign a contract with them after I passed all of their proficiency and background checks. However, they did not get their contract with Oak Ridge and the job never materialized for me.

I had the oddest coincidence happen last week — my second week of retirement. I attended two different meetings. I set next to the man that was the best jingle producer in the 80s in Chattanooga. Then the next meeting I set across from an Oak Ridge developer.

There has to be something for me to learn. The coincidence is odd to be random. I have been thinking and praying about it.


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