Category: Christian Poetry

  • Let Go

    Let go of all the hurt today Give love to ones that hate Turn cheek to slap and go two miles When one would make you late Forgive all wrong no harm, no foul Was not a fatal blow That hate will build and grow in you Unless you let it go The love of…

  • Sweet Feet

    There is a place at His sweet feet A place for you to go Lay down your tired and weary self And plug into His flow I live at His sweet feet It is the place to be When life has hit me hard I run and there I flee

  • David’s Count

    David counted the fighting men To feed his sense of pride He fell into an awful sin From wrath he could not hide Our pride  goeth  before our fall Read David’s sad story The almighty God humbles all Don’t seek your own glory — Donnie Bryson   Shape Note Music of poem: david_count

  • Uncle Dude’s Robe

    At the age of five a car Hit him, left a lifelong scar His hand eternally shook Shoved inside a pocket nook The agitation transferred that scar to each holey jean Sixty some odd years later Gone land of ventilator Leap around the throne of God Unhampered full freedom trod No need to hide palsied…

  • Fencing in the Holy Ghost

    Wake up everyday, always be yourself Be visible and don’t worship in stealth Our blest Lord Jesus is our open host Be ready to give a righteous riposte Parry a doubter’s question to a seed Move the topic to what they really need Donnie Bryson March 3, 2013

  • Divine Glasnost

    We all commit some sin We can’t blame it on an evil twin It’s our nature within Makes us come unhinged Later feeling chagrin The love of Christ on the Cross He did not shy from the loss Barehanded he scooped away dross Hands forever scared from the cost Once hidden plan now divine glasnost…

  • New Faces

    We are full of sin So much pain we are in Everyone runs their own way Trying to keep the wolf at bay Down the road we go Fleeing the seeds we sow The thorns grow up everywhere We need someone to pay the fare The Cross of Christ upon the hill The Son of…

  • Shammer’s Sestet Song

    We boast of knowing right We are the Holy Reich God will side in our fight Other’s evil indict Pale hands smell overripe Yet on an angel bright. — Donnie Bryson

  • Gasconade

    Don’t crow about the Bibles on your shelf Gasconade about your name on the roll Don’t tout salvation is only through church The precious blood of Jesus paid the toll. — Donnie Bryson

  • Devil Annoy

    The Lord loves me Now I am free Heart full of glee Blues have to flee He gave me joy Gladness deploy Sadness destroy Devil annoy — Donnie Bryson 2012