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Christian Poetry

Let Go

Let go of all the hurt today
Give love to ones that hate
Turn cheek to slap and go two miles
When one would make you late

Forgive all wrong no harm, no foul
Was not a fatal blow
That hate will build and grow in you
Unless you let it go

The love of Christ is healing wind
Flowing from God above
It fixes all our pain and grief
When watered with our love

— Donnie Bryson 7/14/2019

Uncle Dude’s Robe

At the age of five a car
Hit him, left a lifelong scar
His hand eternally shook
Shoved inside a pocket nook
The agitation transferred that scar to each holey jean

Sixty some odd years later
Gone land of ventilator
Leap around the throne of God
Unhampered full freedom trod
No need to hide palsied hand, holy robe is pristine

Donnie Bryson

Divine Glasnost

We all commit some sin
We can’t blame it on an evil twin
It’s our nature within
Makes us come unhinged
Later feeling chagrin

The love of Christ on the Cross
He did not shy from the loss
Barehanded he scooped away dross
Hands forever scared from the cost
Once hidden plan now divine glasnost

— Donnie Bryson

New Faces

We are full of sin
So much pain we are in
Everyone runs their own way
Trying to keep the wolf at bay

Down the road we go
Fleeing the seeds we sow
The thorns grow up everywhere
We need someone to pay the fare

The Cross of Christ upon the hill
The Son of God’s blood paid the bill
Shout to God the glory flows
New faces beaming with a love that glows

— Donnie Bryson