Misplaced Frustration

I am really trying to get my skills up in the ministry after I have retired from secular employment. I am daily reading more than I have ever read. I am trying to write each day. I am watching YouTube videos on video production and English grammar.

I am getting frustrated though when I do not have as much time as I planned for the ministry. Grand-kids need picking up from someplace. My mother needs her business tended. Lindy needs help with some household chore. The frustration just builds.

I need to remember what Jesus taught about the hypocrites that claimed they could not take care of their parents because their property was dedicated as a gift to the Temple. That is NOT right. My frustration is wrong. My first job is my family. It is not studying, writing, or even preaching. If a man doesn’t take care of his own, he has denied the faith and worse than an infidel.

Balance is everything.


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