Zacharias, Speaks

International Sunday School Lesson December 11 2022 Winter Quarter #2

Luke 1:57-66 ESV  Now the time came for Elizabeth to give birth, and she bore a son.  (58)  And her neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord had shown great mercy to her, and they rejoiced with her.  (59)  And on the eighth day they came to circumcise the child. And they would have called him Zechariah after his father,  (60)  but his mother answered, “No; he shall be called John.”  (61)  And they said to her, “None of your relatives is called by this name.”  (62)  And they made signs to his father, inquiring what he wanted him to be called.  (63)  And he asked for a writing tablet and wrote, “His name is John.” And they all wondered.  (64)  And immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue loosed, and he spoke, blessing God.  (65)  And fear came on all their neighbors. And all these things were talked about through all the hill country of Judea,  (66)  and all who heard them laid them up in their hearts, saying, “What then will this child be?” For the hand of the Lord was with him.

Luke 1:57-66 ESV

Luke 1:76-79 ESV  And you, child, will be called the prophet of the Most High; for you will go before the Lord to prepare his ways,  (77)  to give knowledge of salvation to his people in the forgiveness of their sins,  (78)  because of the tender mercy of our God, whereby the sunrise shall visit us from on high  (79)  to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.”

Luke 1:76-79 ESV 



  • Continuation of the story of Zachariah.
  • The birth of John was promised.
  • Zachariah did not believe.
  • Zachariah was made mute

John Born — Luke 1:57-58

  • Luke 1:13-14 (ESV) But the angel said to him, “Do not be afraid, Zechariah, for your prayer has been heard, and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you shall call his name John. [14] And you will have joy and gladness, and many will rejoice at his birth,

Circumcise – Luke 1:59-60

  • Dake It was customary to name children when they were circumcised. The rabbis said that this was because the names of Abram and Sarai were changed when God instituted circumcision (Gen 17:1-27).

His Name is John — Luke 1:61-63

  • Barnes — A writing table – The table denoted by this word was usually made of wood and covered with wax. The ancients used to write on such tables, as they had not the use of paper. The instrument used for writing was an iron pen or style, by which they marked on the wax which covered the table. Sometimes the writing-table was made entirely of lead.

Zachariah Speaks — Luke 1:64

  • Isaiah 12:1-2 ESV You will say in that day: “I will give thanks to you, O LORD, for though you were angry with me, your anger turned away, that you might comfort me. (2) “Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid; for the LORD GOD is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation.”
  • Daniel 4:34-37 ESV At the end of the days I, Nebuchadnezzar, lifted my eyes to heaven, and my reason returned to me, and I blessed the Most High, and praised and honored him who lives forever, for his dominion is an everlasting dominion, and his kingdom endures from generation to generation; (35) all the inhabitants of the earth are accounted as nothing, and he does according to his will among the host of heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth; and none can stay his hand or say to him, “What have you done?” (36) At the same time my reason returned to me, and for the glory of my kingdom, my majesty and splendor returned to me. My counselors and my lords sought me, and I was established in my kingdom, and still more greatness was added to me. (37) Now I, Nebuchadnezzar, praise and extol and honor the King of heaven, for all his works are right and his ways are just; and those who walk in pride he is able to humble.

Hand of the Lord Upon Him — Luke 1:65-66

  • Fear but also leaning to respectful
  • fob’-os — From a primary φέβομαι phebomai (to be put in fear); alarm or fright: – be afraid, + exceedingly, fear, terror.

Prepare His Ways — Luke 1:76-77

  • The skipped verses are the start of Zachariah’s praise and prophecy. We are taking it up in the middle of his praising.
  • John was a prophet in both dimensions
    Adam Clark — And thou, child, etc. – Zacharias proclaims the dignity, employment, doctrine, and success of his son; and the ruin and recovery of the Jews and the Gentiles. His dignity. Thou shalt be called (constituted) a prophet of the Most High. Prophet has two acceptations: – 1st. A person who foretells future events; and; 2dly. A teacher of men in the things of God, 1Co_14:3.
  • John 1:29-34 ESV The next day he saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! (30) This is he of whom I said, ‘After me comes a man who ranks before me, because he was before me.’ (31) I myself did not know him, but for this purpose I came baptizing with water, that he might be revealed to Israel.” (32) And John bore witness: “I saw the Spirit descend from heaven like a dove, and it remained on him. (33) I myself did not know him, but he who sent me to baptize with water said to me, ‘He on whom you see the Spirit descend and remain, this is he who baptizes with the Holy Spirit.’ (34) And I have seen and have borne witness that this is the Son of God.”

Guide our Feet — Luke 1:78-79

  • Luke 1:78 KJV Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us,
  • anatolē an-at-ol-ay’ From G393; a rising of light, that is, dawn (figuratively); by implication the east (also in plural): – dayspring, east, rising.


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