Reading a book out of season

A little over 10 years ago our former General Superintendent, George O Wood, wrote a book, “Core Values: Serving Christ’s Cause with Effectiveness and Excellence.” The fellowship sent out a copy to all the licensed ministers. It was part of a denominational initiative. I received one and put it up, unread, in my bookcase for well over a decade.

I took it down and started reading it last night. Wow! The power in that book and the confirmation from the Holy Ghost that I felt reading it. Dr. Wood tells such stories. For example, his parents started a little church in Indianapolis. They made huge sacrifices and it seemed like a failure. They sold the building and finally left Indianapolis feeling like they failed. They never knew that the woman that bought the building founded a great Pentecostal church that sent missionaries all over the world.

He told a story of the man that struggled to start a church in PA. He started by preaching on the street corner. He finally struggled and acquired a building. It was the church where where the father of George O Wood, eventual General Superintendent of the largest Pentecostal denomination in the world, was saved.

God has a plan. God seeks folks that obey their call. We are not guaranteed seeing the results here on earth but His word does not return to Him void. I am so choked up and more determined than ever to keep on the firing line. To be faithful to my God. To preach the soul saving, blood-bought, life-changing Gospel at every opportunity. Praise God!


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