Life has Unexpected Twists

This last week has been an adventure. My wife, Lindy, fell and broke her kneecap. She has been in our living room without being able to walk or even bend her leg since the accident. Poor thing has been in so much pain.

We are so fortunate that I went on social security just weeks before she fell. I am now in full nurse mode. I owe it to her. I had an industrial accident about 30 years ago. My wife was marvelous to me during the struggle. She picked up odd jobs to help with our finances. She made sure things were done that I could no longer do. All of that extra stress on her was triggered by an event in a split second.

Life happens. Challenges happen. God is still in control but there is pain and suffering in this world. We need to lean on God and cling to each other. Sometimes you are being helped up. Sometimes you are helping someone else up. Love and faithfulness is key to a Christian life. If man doesn’t take care of his own, he has denied the faith and worse than an infidel.


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