Just a Little Talk with Jesus

Wow, I am choking up. One of my favorite Gospel songs is, “Just a Little Talk with Jesus”. Dixie Davis shares the story Rev Cleavant Derricks told her and her dad about the inspiration for the song. Growing up during the depression it was a struggle to come up with $5 a month fee to study music at Cadek Conservatory in Chattanooga. One month the young Brother Derricks mother told him he had to stop his music lessons because they didn’t have the money. He was angry. He went to the theater where he worked and while he swiped the floor he cried out to God voicing his anger and frustration. A gum wrapper stuck to his broom. It frustrated him even more until he realized it was a $5 bill. The line we have all sung at church hit him at that moment, “Just a little talk with Jesus makes it right”. Skip 60 years later. My first year of marriage. I wanted to study guitar with Mario Abril. He had already accepted me as a student but I didn’t have the money. I also wanted to study music theory. Absolutely no money for such things. Then my parents gave me life insurance policy that I could cash in. That paid for a year of guitar lessons with Mario and the jazz correspondence course from Berklee. Same God, same conservatory, same problem, same solution. Praise God! JUST A LITTLE TALK WITH JESUS MAKES IT RIGHT!!!!!!

The story about Rev. Cleavant Derricks I am referencing, is located at The Jones County News






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