Important Notice regarding Marriages

I, Rev. Donald L. Bryson,  have a ministry on the radio. Weddings and funerals are not my calling. Moreover, I have never performed the first wedding during my entire ministry.

The recent events in this country have made me thankful for my narrow ministry. It isn’t a big change for me to say, “I will not perform any weddings for anyone under any conditions now.” Please do not try to drag me into this conflict. It is not my calling and I refuse to get involved in what I consider to be a side issue. People go to hell for rejecting Jesus. I want to win as many folks as possible to the saving grace of Christ. I preach the Word and folks can decide to listen or reject.

However, I am praying for my fellow ministers as I am afraid a couple of additional incorrect court decisions will strike at religious liberty in the United States. I can see churches and Christian universities closing all over the country over this potential persecution. Christians are usually persecuted over these side issues.

For the record, I believe what the Bible calls sin is sin. I believe idolatry, cussing, drinking, lying, atheism, violence, stealing, sex outside of the marriage bed, pornography, murder, taking God’s name in vain, pride, and a host of other things are sins. I don’t expect my country to outlaw everything I think is sin. Can you imagine a world that gave you 30 days in jail for bragging?

However, I see no possibility of same sex marriage in the Bible. The Bible which I believe to be the final word on matters of faith. Thus, homosexuality, like drinking and cussing, are outside the scope of valid Christianity.  Sin is sin. It is immaterial to me what the government says on the matter. The church is free to proclaim what it considers to be sin as the government is free to govern civil matters.

My view of sin does not make me hateful or a bigot. I have friends that drink beer. I have friends that commit adultery. I have friends that cuss. I have friends that are atheist. I have friends that are homosexuals. If they love and accept me as I am then I love and accept them as they are. Loving and accepting does not mean you agree. It means you look beyond the differences into the things you appreciate about this individual.

No debates nor even comments will be accepted from folks on the matter. All we can say is this — I can love and accept you as you are for friendship. Can you love and accept me as I am?


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