Come to Macedonia

There are those moments in our lives when God speaks to us with strangely and oddly interconnected events. This has been that type of week for me.

I had a young girl come to my door this week. She was obviously pregnant and wanted to talk to my wife. Lindy wasn’t home so the girl left without coming into the house, telling me what she wanted, or even giving me her name.

We started asking questions with the kids and I now have a good idea who it was at the door. If our guess was correct, she is a young girl that has recently experienced life changing events that sent her spiraling. We have never known the girl personally but she knows us by reputation and figured we would be easy targets for drug money.

Life has run this girl over and now heading straight for her baby. She stood at my door with her unborn baby, who potentially is facing a lifetime of problems, for only a brief moment. I spent the entire week crying and praying for both of them.

Several days later my grandsons were having church in my living room. They were dancing and praising God to a Veggie Tails video. I stood in the hallway with my Droid in my hand videoing through the tears. Would to God that children everywhere sing and dance praises to my God in a loving living room.

Deep in my soul, God is speaking the same thing. All the children deserve to hear his Word. All the children deserve a fighting chance. All the children deserve to come into this world addiction free.

Send the Light, the blessed gospel light! Let it shine from shore to shore.

— Donnie Bryson


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