Month: December 2012

  • Gasconade

    Don’t crow about the Bibles on your shelf Gasconade about your name on the roll Don’t tout salvation is only through church The precious blood of Jesus paid the toll. — Donnie Bryson

  • The Musical Prayer: Personal Example of Abstract Musical Reactions

    There are always discussions of the ‘spirituality’ of abstract musical devices or style in Christians circles. Some say a sound or rhythmic beat has the anointing of God or smells of hell.  I disagree. Abstract music is amoral. No instrument, chord, cadence, pulse, or device is good or evil. It is the message conveyed that is good…

  • Devil Annoy

    The Lord loves me Now I am free Heart full of glee Blues have to flee He gave me joy Gladness deploy Sadness destroy Devil annoy — Donnie Bryson 2012