Sing on the Radio!

What will I be singing?

I am only interested in folks singing my short pieces so I can broadcast them on my weekly radio program. I am not interested in playing anything else. It would be a waste of your time and money to send me your latest CD or links to your latest song.

Where would I be singing?

My broadcast is on WFLI 1070 AM (Chattanooga) on Sunday 5:30 PM EST. The station is a 50,000 watt AM station with good coverage and a large audience. The station also streams WFLI on-line.

Will I be paid?

Unfortunately, no I don’t have money to pay you for your performance. This has to be because you want to do it as a love-gift to the ministry. I do not take any donations nor sell any goods or services. The website, software, radio time, and all other expenses are paid by me. This is not a business nor is it my job. It is my calling and appreciation gift back to God.  So, 100% funding a radio ministry and having enough left to give to my local church leaves me with no money to pay for singers with what I have to give to the work of God.

What can I do with the recording?

You are completely free to use the MP3 file you create anyway you see fit providing you sing the words as written. You can use it as a demo. You can use it on a CD. All I ask is that you allow me to use your singing on-air without monetary payment. Let me restate what I have already stated — you may not use different words with the background track I have created. That is the only restriction on using my music.

Sounds great! What is my next step?

Follow the links to the score first. Listen to the music and watch the score on the Noteflight website. Next, go the Soundtrap website. Soundtrap will allow you to record your vocals. I have the track you should record your voice on labeled “Record your vocals here”. The DEMO track has a computer generated voice singing the melody and the words. That is what you should match when you are singing. After you are satisfied with your recording, you should email me and let me know. I will give it a listen and let you know if it is OK to broadcast. I will tell you the date and time it will broadcast so you can hear yourself on the radio. If you are out of the Chattanooga listening area, you can hear it stream on the Internet.

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