Monthly Archives: April 2013

Uncle Dude’s Robe

At the age of five a car
Hit him, left a lifelong scar
His hand eternally shook
Shoved inside a pocket nook
The agitation transferred that scar to each holey jean

Sixty some odd years later
Gone land of ventilator
Leap around the throne of God
Unhampered full freedom trod
No need to hide palsied hand, holy robe is pristine

Donnie Bryson

Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” and the Devil’s Waltz

The opening 7/4 meter says it all — boom-DA boom-DA boom-DA-DA. A 7/4 meter is a very confused meter — stuck between duple and triple time. The beautiful girls behind him with no emotion and a total lack of interest. At a great distance they seem to play instruments that are a lie in their hand when you look closer. This a perfect artistic statement about a state of being appearing one way but actually totally different. Palmer himself says the song describes the hell of addictive personalty — the dichotomy of addiction. It is the rebellion that leads to servitude. The joy that leads to destruction. It is the march to freedom that leads to a waltz with the devil — bum-DA bum-DA bum-DA-DA.

— Donnie Bryson