Soundtracks for Public Domain Hymns

Please let me know if you see any hymns on this page that are not in the public domain. Intellectual property rights are very important to me. Any infringement will be immediately corrected.

Feel free to use these. Also, I would love to play our recording using these sound tracks on my radio program. Send me an mp3 with your name.

Little is Much When God is in It by Kittie Suffield



2 thoughts on “Soundtracks for Public Domain Hymns

  1. Alan Riley

    Excuse me

    But Would you like to hear my New Country Gospel Song “Angels in Flight Shepherds Delight” I can’t sing myself so I sent my song to Nashville to be recorded to a professional standard and what came back was truly a beautiful Christian Country Gospel Song and I would like to allow the world to hear it, William Ray a session musician also from Nashville did a great job on it, I am hoping to find a Major singer similar to Vernon Oxford or Alan Jackson or Randy Travis or Chris Tomlin to sing my song.

    I composed and wrote the words of my song for the Glory of God.

    Here is the link:

    Alan Riley

    1. Donnie Bryson Post author


      If you want to send it to the radio station, mail a copy to:
      WFLI Radio
      621 O’Grady Dr
      Chattanooga TN 37419
      ATTN: Paul White


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